Air Freight

In which the destination inherits a difficult landscape or time is a restriction, we provide Air freight services as a fast and secure solution. We take full control of all the check-in and check-out rules and procedures and you do not need to involve in the paperwork. Our air freight service consists of an experienced team of logistics experts and worldwide renowned business partners.   

We also built up great partnerships with foreign airlines across the world, offering an end-to-end high-quality global air freight service. We work with global business partners and apply necessary technical requirements to provide seamless and fast air transportation regardless of the environmental conditions encountered.

On-Time Delivery with Security and Reliability

You will have many advantages when you work with our air transportation company. It is great when things have to go very quickly, on-time delivery is of great importance, or when security and reliability are particularly important. These are our priorities in our services. Our expert team supports customers to make air freight delivery at the best prices. This gives you the opportunity to calculate what a shipment by plane would cost you. You will be surprised, air - lines logistics is often cheaper than expected.

The Amount And Routes Used Determine The Price Of International Air Freight Shipment

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The price for air freight forwarder is also determined by two other factors: The amount shipped and the freight volume on the route used. With increasing service by air volumes, the freight rates per kg usually decrease. When it comes to the flight routes, it depends on the freight volume on the respective routes.
Some senders do not have an eye on the fact that substances are built into or contained in various devices. This includes gas cartridges, rechargeable batteries and so on. Some products that fall under the body care product are also categorized as dangerous goods.

We Are Happy To Help For Air Shipping Prices

We can calculate your airways cargo prices and thus gain an initial orientation. We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your specific shipments and costs and advise you on the cargo tracking. We are also happy to assist you with our experience when it comes to further airlines transports and costs to the destination for dispatch. 

24/7 Customer Support

We provide a 24/7, customer support service. Meaport staff monitors the logistics process at all stages to inform customers about the progress of the delivery.