Liquid Transportation

With the Meaport special tank washes, fuels, lubricants and chemical logistics are delivered efficiently and environmentally friendly to their destinations.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of liquid cargo logistics, various certifications, as well as with the acquisition and the takeover of parts of the shipping company, we have become a specialist in liquid bulk transportation for the chemical industry, the trade and producers developed.

water tanks to Turkmenistan

A liquid transport corp with a ready-mixed emulsion has several advantages.

  • You are no longer looking for a suitable, clean bucket.
  • You don't have to carry the bucket back and forth several times.
  • You always have the right dosage on the spot.
In addition to administration and dispatching, the liquid trucking companies also have a large fleet of vehicles, a well-equipped and modern liquid bulk carriers and good tank cleaning.

When transporting dangerous goods, cleanliness, occupational safety and environmental protection come first. Thanks to our experience and our modern equipment, we guarantee the highest level of safety when handling liquid chemicals.

lubricant oil2 to Azerbaijan

With our specially trained staff, we develop transport solutions for our customers. The resulting customer satisfaction shapes the expectations of old and new customers today, and is therefore the benchmark for advice and the preparation of new projects and offers.

Convince yourself of our company and our expertise in the field of dangerous goods and liquid trucking services. If you have any questions about the costs, please give us a call!

MEG liquid frm Niger to AZ_İB