Midd East Transportation

Middle East Freight

Transports to the Middle East require special solving skills and a good network. In terms of price, land logistics competes with sea freight, especially because the ports have only been regularly served by the important transportation company, due to the often interrupted connection. As a result, cargo services have gained in importance.

Our customers can look forward to the quality, friendly service and a high level of reliability when collecting and delivering goods. This is ensured by our team with many years of experience with the very special skills that can arise when delivering to the Middle East. We are well equipped for this with the latest equipment, our own offices and on-site warehouses. Liquid transportation, project logistics, air freight, sea freight and road freight is available in our transport services.

If the sender or recipient wishes, we will be happy to contact the trading partner in advance so that special wishes and requirements can be included in the planning. Our task is to advise exporting and importing early on in planning, to make our experience available and to jointly determine the routes according to such as transport security, simple documentary processing and costs