Our Values

Our Values 

We are characterized by a strong corporate transportation. Defined core values ​​form the pillars that support the structure beyond borders, connect the people in the company with one another and at the same time represent the model for everyday work: flexibility, accountability, commitment and service excellence.

Quality Of Service

Our goal is customer enthusiasm. That is why our daily work is outstanding service quality. With a seamless company across national borders, we have created the right conditions for this. 
The Way Of Flexibility
Our flexibility enables us to determine the direction and speed of our development ourselves. Long-term partnerships enrich our network.

Continuous Improvement

We are working on a continuous improvement in environmental performance.

Accessibility 24/7

We look back on a long history as a successful company, have a solid foundation and are consistently developing. With our combined forces, we inspire our customers every day.


We want and need accountability success in order to ensure our competitiveness through investments and innovations. At the same time, we take our high responsibility in the area of ​​transport seriously in order to develop and use resource-saving and sustainable networks


We are committed to running the company in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner and reliability.