Finding the best sources of supply for your needs in a foreign or even in a domestic market often seen as a difficult, detailed, and troublesome process. It is often challenging to interact globally because of limitations in time and language; misinterpretations may arise due to lack of local literacy.
Sometimes, suppliers fail to respond to RFQs, to pursue requests, to collect information, and to expedite orders. Suppliers too frequently fail to follow basic logistics specifications, namely packing and labeling, inspections, scheduled deliveries and shipments, standards for paperwork, and guidelines for freight forwarding.
Via our supplier network, we deliver end-to-end supervision of procurement services around the globe. We supply our stakeholders with sourcing guidance, approaches, and options, simplify supplier relationship management and eventually bring them closer to consumers with our relevant expertise in preparing, implementing, integrating, and tracking the supply chain activities.
Meaport executes and controls all of your sourcing and logistics activities remotely. The processes and procedures of the client are employed, and POs are provided under your title.
How does it work?
We provide all the steps stated below to ensure a seamless procurement experience with on-time delivery.
Research regarding the suppliers in relevant product ranges,
Tendering and Bid evaluations
PO operations
Expediting and monitoring of supply chain process, if necessary conducting inspections
Logistics coordination
Invoicing and Payment