Project Logistics

In addition to the standard transports, Meaport logistics offers its customers individual solutions for great logistics tasks.
Project logistics means getting the customer's trust and means right planning and implementation of the requested services and tasks. We have been active in project logistics for many years - we enjoy the complete trust of our customers  and rightly so.

Project Freight Forwarding

Are you planning to set up a production in Europe or elsewhere in the world? Do you need a project logistics company? Do you want to keep control of all deliveries and the progress of your project? Our experts from Meaport logisitcs are there for you, if desired also on site on the project.

INTEL Projesi kapsamında Tekfen’in SIEMENS için ürettiği PDC ler( Power distribution center) - Varış Yeri : Birleşik Krallık

PDCs (Power distribution center) produced by Tekfen for SIEMENS within the scope of INTEL Project - Destination: United Kingdom


From Small Parts To Large Components - Well Packaged

Packaging logistics is an essential component of our  global project logistics. We manufacture tailor-made packaging for small parts and large components through to heavy goods in our own production facility and pack in the port. We operate multi-stage and therefore highly efficient at all of our logistics centers. 

Transport of 3 x E-house (PDC, Power distribution Center) units produced for Siemens at Tekfen Adana / Ceyhan Factory to Iskenderun Port and loading onto the Project Cargo Ship and transporting their accessories by road.


Specialists In Project Transportation

We advise, plan and carry out heavy transport, provide the necessary specialists, take care of the permits for your project cargo services and if you wish, carry out the unloading and incoming checks at the project site for you over the entire project phase. Meaport monitors your appointments and project shipping, calls up the respective suppliers and ensures communication.

Transportation Using a combination of 2 Volvo heavy duty trailers (Volvo prime mover) and a 20-axle Scheuerle Intercombi trailer and a combination of 1 Volvo heavy duty tractor (Volvo prime mover) and an 8 axle Faymonville hydraulic steering and extendable trailer completed with.

In our project logistics, which is used to distribute refrigerated goods across the world, we rely on a modern fleet of vehicles with low emissions. As part of our network logistics, empty trips are avoided through efficient bundling of shipments and routes are minimized through smart route planning.

Cargo Dimensions: 
2x 29600mm x 6170mm x 4300mm/ 140.000kgs
1x 29600mm x 6170mm x 4300mm/ 140.000kgs
1x 17800mmx 5000mm x 4300mm/ 70.000kgs
3 x Ful Turk Load to Great Britania

For demanding project logistics costs, we will find the right solution and are your reliable partner in the industry.