Container Dimensions

Container Dimensions

Container Dimensions

Standard shipping containers are used for global transport. The big advantage of transporting one of these containers is the mass worldwide. The container comes from maritime shipping and can be reloaded from the ship in the port with the crane onto the truck or train. Since the freight containers all have the same dimensions, they can easily be stacked on top of one another during storage.

Standard Container

The sea freight container is made of steel and is very tough and weatherproof. With the container sizes, loading and unloading takes place through the two rear doors. This containers are for the transport of commercial goods and are mainly shipped in two sizes.

Open Top and Flat Rack Containers

In addition to the standard sea freight containers, other models are also in use. With these containers, however, it is not about the transport of removal goods, but much more about industrial ones. Often the container can be accessed from above or from the side in order to load and unload the goods with a crane or forklift.

How Big Is A Shipping Container?

  • 20 'and 40' open top container (without roof)
  • 20 'and 40' flat rack containers (without side walls and roof)

Reefer Container

Other containers are the models from the refrigerated container series. These containers are equipped with a cooling unit. What size shipping containers are there? The containers 20 'and 40' are also in dimensions here. The refrigerated containers are mainly used to transport food.

Flat Container

These containers have no side walls. The end walls allow the load to be secured with brackets and enable the boxes to be stacked. The floor is specially reinforced so that flat containers are suitable for very heavy and bulky goods that have to be loaded from the side.

Plat Container

Particularly heavy, oversized goods or individual equipment are in good hands on a plat container. This only has a reinforced floor with gooseneck tunnels, through which the box can be placed on truck trailers, ships.