​What İs Bill Of Lading?

​What İs Bill Of Lading?

​What İs Bill Of Lading?

A bill of lading is an accompanying document for the transport of goods. If a consignment note is issued, three copies must be available. One copy remains with the sender, one accompanies the carrier and one remains with the freight. All three must be signed by the sender.
The carrier has to carry the bills of landing with him as he identifies the carrier as the owner and the holder of the documents as the owner and recipient.
If necessary, the carrier can request the sender to issue a consignment note in accordance with Section of the Commercial Code, even if the document is no longer required by law. A copy of the consignment note includes the sender's right of disposition to stop the goods, return them or hand them over to another recipient.

What Does A Consignment Note Say?

A bill of landing can contain the following information; the sender and the shippers memorandum can also agree on further content:
  • Names of the sender, carrier and recipient
  • Date and place of issue of the file
  • Date and place of acceptance of the goods
  • Type of goods
  • kind of package
  • Quantity of packages

Functions Of The Bill Of Landing


Carrier Function

The bill serves as a data carrier about the quantity of the freight for the sender, carrier and recipient. In addition, also for freight forwarders and warehouse keepers.

Evidence function

A consignment note stipulates that the carrier checked the goods and their packaging to ensure that they were in good condition when they were accepted and that the number of pieces of freight and their numbers match the data on the consignment note presumption of evidence.

Acknowledgment Function

The consignment note thus also serves as a receipt for the acceptance process and the condition, the quantity and the numbers.